Folk Hero is a creative film + video production house.


We specialize in crafting beautiful documentary films rooted in topics around social issues and contemporary heroism, human/animal conflict and conservation, ethnographies and DIY subcultures. Our work has taken us all over the world, including the Asian, African, and South American continents.

Along with several documentary shorts created for clients over the years, we have produced two critically acclaimed feature films, "The Harvest" (2011) and "If We Shout Loud Enough" (2013), both of which have enjoyed successful festival runs, dvd and VOD streaming sales.



Our clients include National Geographic, Thrill Jockey Records, Dogfish Head, Pearl Works, Panthera, Orianne Society, CHiP, TEDxCharlottesville, Green Trees, Payne Ross, WildFutures, The Tom Sox, The Mind & Life Institute, Northeastern University, UVA School of Nursing, The Vacation Channel, and The Richards Group.



  • story + concept development

  • field production

  • editing

  • music composition

  • animation

  • visual effects

  • motion graphics

  • color



Gabriel DeLoach

Gabriel was born and raised in northern Appalachia country by an ex-NSA radio intelligencer and a stock car driver/equestrian. After receiving his BFA in Photography in 2001 from Baltimore’s Maryland Institute, College of Art and dropping out of The College of the Atlantic’s graduate philosophy program, DeLoach spent 6 or 7 years as an itinerant student of multiple grinds: dairy farmer, dock hand, large-format portrait photographer, carpenter, mason and timber-framer–vagabonding for a living before turning to filmmaking full time. He got his licks as a field assistant to National Geographic photographer Steve Winter, and subsequently settled in Charlottesville where he founded Folk Hero during the making of his first documentary, The Harvest. Gabriel’s work has taken him across the mountains and flood plains of north east India, the jungles of Sumatra and Thailand, and the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil. He has dodged the bullets of a poorly organized Assamese police force and survived multiple rhino attacks, mysterious illnesses and an empty fuel tank at dusk in jaguar country. Most recently, Gabriel joined the Photo & Film faculty at VCU in Richmond, VA as an adjunct professor.

instagram: @gabedeloach

Zachary Keifer

Zach grew up an Army brat living in 8 different states before reaching the age of 13. An introvert by nature and not desire, he was immediately drawn to the art of filmmaking for its ability to translate his imagination into reality. Zach holds a BA in Film Studies from The College of William and Mary and is a graduate of the six-week 16mm filmmaking course at the NY Film Academy. Zach met Gabe while crewing on the feature length horror film, House Hunting. He then assisted on the postproduction for Gabriel's directorial debut,The Harvest, and then managed the postproduction on Folk Hero's follow up, If We Shout Loud Enough. Zach is currently the editor for another feature documentary, Blue Ridge Barnum, as well as directing and editing his own documentary about the video rental store, Sneak Reviews.  Zach has competed in over 20 different timed filmmaking competitions, winning Best Director awards on multiple occasions. He is a seasoned mentor for Light House Studio, a not for profit film academy, teaching production skills to children under 18. He currently makes a home in Charlottesville, VA where he resides with his bluray collection, 2 cats, and wife Teresa.

twitter: @keiferexpress



Post Typography - Titles + Design
Brian Lawlor - Composer
Abel Okugawa - Composer, Visual Effects, Editor
David Ariew - Motion Graphics + Visual Effects, DIT, Color Correction



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